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Why Spend The Money On A Licensed Plumber?

For those homeowners who consider themselves pretty handy, there are often questions about why anyone would spend the money on a plumber. And while this is a valid question, it is also one that indicates a certain mindset that can be dangerous. When you are hiring a licensed plumber for a significant repair, upgrade, or remodel, you are investing in the value of your home. And that something that every homeowner is always interested in protecting.

It Only Looks Simple On YouTube

Any renovation or repair will look easy when the task is presented in five minutes or less on a YouTube video. But do you really think that the video reveals all of the complications and struggles of the project? The honest and straightforward answer is no. Until you have tried to climb in under a sink to replace a P-trap, you have no concept of how confined the space really is. And you have no hands-on frame of reference for how tight is just right and how tight is too tight for that lock nut. But after the job is done, you will understand that what you did was too tight. And now the pipe leaks.

There is a reason that a licensed plumber invests years in hands-on apprenticeship, training, continued education, and mentorships before taking the tests required to earn that plumber\’s license. Not everything can be learned from a book, video, or even from the instructions of a seasoned professional. Sometimes, you need to get your own hands dirty and learn from experience. And in some cases, a tremendous amount of learning comes from the mistakes that you make. But your licensed plumber has already learned from mistakes that will not be teaching moments at the expense of your home\’s plumbing system.

Plumbing Mistakes Are Messy And Costly

So you decide that you are going to give the project a go, even though you think parts could be beyond your level of experience. The worst that can happen is you end up calling a plumber if you make a mistake. But also think about the cost of cleaning up the mess that is created as you realize your mistake. There could be water or even raw sewage flooding your home. And then there is the cost of any water damage repairs. Plumbing projects are not like hanging a new door. If the door does not close, a carpenter can fix it. But the door left ajar does not ruin your flooring, walls, personal belongings, and the structure of your home, like a leaking water line, can.

The Potential For Injuries

In addition to hurting your home, there is also the possibility that you could DIY right into an injury like a broken finger, a gash on your arm, or even a broken leg from a tumble off a ladder. Most homeowners are not used to the working conditions that plumbers face every day. We are not prepared to handle the challenges that plumbers expect and are ready to handle. Instead, we force our way through when what is needed is a little expertise and finesse. And sadly, the result is often an injury. Now think about the cost of a plumber compared to a medical bill and several days of missed work. The plumber\’s bill sounds pretty reasonable.

When you have a genuine plumbing project, entrust it to the skilled hands of the licensed plumbers at Thompson and Thompson. Call us at (912) 236-3333 for a free no-obligation price quote. And remember, all of our work also comes with a full warranty on parts and labor.

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