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Spend A Little To Save A Lot

With the cost of everything increasing every year, homeowners are eager to find ways to shave a little off the budget. And when the latest tips don’t include eliminating fun or enjoyment from your life, you might be eager to adopt the new idea or concept. Luckily, all of our tips involve getting the most out of your home’s plumbing. None of them ask you to give up the little indulgence that makes you smile.

Spend A Little

Everything in your home will eventually wear out. But when you spend a little on proper care and maintenance, you are investing in those expensive pieces of equipment you rely on every day. Things like your drain lines and water heater work hard to meet your needs every day. And they deserve a little care to keep them in top condition.

Scheduling an annual visit from your licensed plumber to drain and flush your water heater, provide a professional drain cleaning, and inspect your home for leaks is the best way to avoid costly plumbing emergencies. And in the case of your plumbing system, there is often costly water damage when it fails. So you can avoid all of those expenses and frustration with a bit of preventative care. Think of it like a checkup and booster shot for your home’s plumbing system. It is a cost-effective way to maintain good health.

Saving A Lot

Like a human who is getting sick, your home’s plumbing will provide some hints that it is not feeling or performing well. While you might cough and slow down when you are getting a cold, your home’s drains will be slower to clear a sink or tub when it is not at the top of its game. And that clog that is impeding the water flow could also make some gurgling or glugging sounds. Knowing that these are signs of an issue inside your home’s drain line can save you the frustration and cost of a flood of dirty water and even raw sewage. Call for a professional drain cleaning to eliminate the clog that is making your home’s drains “sick.”

Are You In Hot Water?

If you are not paying attention to your water heater’s call for help, you might not have any hot water. Signs that your water heater is under the weather include:

  • Water that is no longer as hot as it once was
  • Water will flakes or particulates
  • Water with an odd brown or yellow color
  • Water with an odd odor

All of these are signs that there is an issue with your water heater. And if you call in a licensed plumber quickly, there is a good chance that the problem can be fixed without the expense of replacing your water heater. Something as simple as draining and flushing the tank can eliminate the sediment that kept the heating element from adequately heating the water. It could also eliminate bacteria that create the odor or rust that causes the flakes and odd color. But if you ignore these cries for help, you could be facing the cost of a new water heater very soon.

Calling (912) 236-3333 for annual service for all of the plumbing fixtures in your home is the best way to save on service calls and problems throughout the year. But it is also essential to understand that when you see a minor issue, addressing it quickly is always the most cost-effective solution. Investing a little bit of money in a call to Thompson and Thompson to fix a minor issue is smarter than facing a costly emergency later.

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