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Help! My Water Is Yellow

When you turn on the faucet in your home, the last thing that you expect is water that is an odd yellow color. Most communities in the United States have very high-quality water. And as residents, we are not accustomed to any concerns about pure drinking water coming from our taps. So when you fill a glass and see the water has a yellow tinge or is absolutely a bright yellow color, your mind begins to race. Suddenly, you are filled with questions and concerns about the cause and safety of your odd-looking water.

What Causes Yellow Water?

The most common reason for a yellow tint to your city water is rust. There is always a tiny amount of iron and oxygen present in every water system. And when the amount of these two components increase, the result is rust or iron oxidation. The darker the shade of yellow, the more concentrated the rust is in the water. The good news is that you do not need to worry about some hazardous foreign substance contaminating your water. But it is something that a licensed plumber should check out.

Common Causes Of Rust In Your Water

There are many places or components in your water system that can introduce rust. Some of the most common include:

  • Rusty Pipes- If you live in an older home, it is not uncommon to have some rust build-up in the pipes. Typically, you will find that first thing in the morning, the water is more yellow, but the color decreases very soon. This is because you have not run any water through the water pipes overnight. And the rust particles clear quickly when the water is in use more frequent during the day. The solution is to call your trusted plumbers for a price quote for whole-home repiping to eliminate the old rusted water lines and rust from your home.
  • Rusty Fixture- If you only see yellow water from a specific faucet or shower, the rust is confined to that particular fixture. This issue has a much more cost-effective solution as you only need to replace the fixture.
  • Rusty Water Heater- If you only see the yellow tinge when you turn on the hot water, the issue lies in your water heater in most cases. Proper water heater maintenance includes draining and flushing the holding tank each year. If that has not occurred, rust and other mineral sediments can build-up in the holding tank and create a yellow tone to your hot water. Flushing the tank could remove the rust. If the tank wall is compromised, a replacement of the water heater could be the only solution.
  • Rusty Water Supply- If the water throughout your home is yellow, the common suspect is the water supply. You can further verify this hypothesis by speaking to a few neighbors to determine if they have noticed the same discoloration of their home’s water. If you believe the issue is in the entire water supply, a call to your municipality or water supplier is needed.

Health And Safety

In most cases, slightly yellow water is safe for bathing. But it is a good idea to have the water tested by a licensed plumber. And to be safe, only drink and cook with bottled water until you have the water test results. For fast answers to all of your questions and concerns about yellow water, call (912) 236-3333. A licensed plumber from Thompson and Thompson will arrive promptly to test your water and determine the cause of the color and how to correct it as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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