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Some Important Information For A Constantly Clogging Toilet

Every household will experience a clogged toilet from time to time. However, if you find that you are fetching the plunger every few days or even every other week, there is a problem that will only get worse with time. Clogged toilets can indicate that you flushed something that should not have made it to the toilet bowl, but it can also point toward several other issues. And unless you figure out what your plumbing is trying to tell you, the problems will continue and maybe get worse.

The most common reasons for repeated toilet clogs include:

  • AN OLD TOILET- Everything wears out eventually. And when the valve in a toilet wears out, it fails to flush correctly. So if your commode is over a decade old, a replacement could solve your clogging issues and save you a significant amount of water. Newer models are much more water conscious and will flush thoroughly using a fraction of the water needed by an older model. If the toilet is not that old, you can correct the issue by installing replacement parts in the tank. You can get these kits at your local big box store for just a few dollars and have them installed in just minutes to eliminate constant plunging.
  • FILL VALVE ISSUES- A toilet needs a full tank of water to flush properly. Open the lid on the holding tank to see that the valve is filling the tank completely. If not, a replacement fill valve should do the trick to get your toilet flushing properly again.
  • PIPE BLOCKAGES- Foreign objects are most often to blame for toilet drain clogs. If you avoid flushing anything but toilet paper and human waste, you can all but eliminate clogs in your toilet drains. Remember, there is no substitute for toilet paper. Any other product, including so-called flushable wipes, will contribute to a tough toilet drain clog.
  • Sewer Line Problems- All of the drains in your home, including those from your toilets, converge into a single pipe running to the city sewer system. If the city is experiencing issues with their sewer line, you could be suffering from their backed-up pipes. One of the fastest ways to determine if you are dealing with a city sewer line issue is to consult a few neighbors. If they also have flushing problems and clogs, call your municipality to report an issue and request service to the area.
  • PLUMBING VENT LINE PROBLEMS- Every drain system needs a properly functioning vent line to allow air to enter the line for proper pressure and flow. If your vent line is damaged or blocked, you could experience issues with toilet flushing and sinks or tubs clearing. Think of a soda bottle that you invert. If you tip it to allow air in while the soda flows out, everything works perfectly. However, if you turn it upside down, the soda flows slowly and irregularly as the air forces its way into the bottle. If you cannot access the plumbing vent line on your roof to investigate, call in a plumber to check it out.

A clog every once in a while is expected simply because of the things that drain and sewer lines handle. However, if you are constantly reaching for a plunger to clear a clogged or ill flushing toilet, there is a more severe problem. Call (912) 236-3333 to schedule an appointment with the professionals at Thompson and Thompson. Our team of licensed plumbers will get to the bottom of the problem and provide you with cost-effective and fast solutions to eliminate the issue and your constant plunging.

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