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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Camera Drain And Sewer Line Inspections

As a homeowner, you know that technology has changed almost every aspect of service for your house. And that is also true of many of the essential services offered by your favorite licensed plumber. But one of the services that many customers are not aware of is the camera inspection. And while it might sound a bit odd to want to look inside a drain or sewer line, the images can be very enlightening.

A Simple Sewer Line Solution

If you have ever waited not so patiently for a plumber to arrive because of a clogged or damaged sewer line, you know the worry that it entails. All you can think about is raw sewage backing up into your home and contaminating everything. But your anxiety does not end when the plumber arrives. That is because the only tool that comes out of the truck is a shovel. And suddenly, you realize that the plan is to dig up the sewer line to look for the issues.

However, when you hire a company that embraces technology, they jump out of the truck with a small waterproof camera. And that camera will provide clear images of anything inside the sewer line and any damage to the pipe. Even better, it lets the plumber calculate the location of the issue so that only a small trench is needed to make the repair.

What Is Wrong With My Drain?

Equally as bad as tearing up your yard is ripping out part of your floor or wall to determine what is wrong with a drain line in your home. However, the tech-savvy plumber can use a waterproof camera to inspect the drain line for clogs, pipe damage, or other issues that could be preventing dirty water from heading out to the city sewer main. In addition, this camera is ideal for a complete inspection to look for signs of wear and tear in all of the drain pipes to prevent costly water damage from leaks.

What Happened To My Home’s Water Pressure?

Again, this is a question that could be very difficult to answer without digging into the water supply line and water main running to your home. However, it is much more accessible with a camera than a shovel or sledgehammer. Your licensed plumber can use a tiny camera to look for corrosion, calcification, leaks, or other concerns inside the water lines of your home. And the best part is that there is minimal destruction, if any, to your home.

Part Of The Added Value

Many homeowners have a hard time justifying a call to a licensed plumber because they think the cost will be too high. However, it is essential to remember that you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to a professional plumber. Yes, a licensed plumber costs more than a handyman, but a pro also delivers a lot more.

Your licensed plumber has years of training and hands-on experience before earning that license. In addition, there is continued education to perfect skills like operating a sewer and drain camera as effectively as possible or using sound amplification tools rather than a sledgehammer to locate a hidden water leak.

So before you call just anyone to locate an issue with your home’s drains or water lines, consider the value that comes with a licensed plumber. At Thompson and Thompson, all of our work carries a complete warranty, in addition to our comprehensive licensing, bond, and business insurance. So call (912) 236-3333 when you have any plumbing issue, and know that we will locate and correct it quickly and cost-effectively.