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Why Is Sewage Backing Up In My Basement?

If you are seeing water or sewage backing up from your basement floor drain, you have a problem that needs a quick resolution. The issue could appear when you are flushing a toilet, using the washing machine, or even when there is a heavy rainstorm. But what you need to know is that all of these problems indicate a sewer backup that will need some professional attention to avoid further contamination and water damage to your home.

3 Common Causes Of Sewer Backups

There are a few complications that will cause sewage to back up from the floor drain and into your basement. The three most common issues include:

  1. Sewer Line Clog: The main sewer line for your home connects all of your house\’s drains to the city sewer system. And when there is a blockage in this line, you can see some minor backups at your basement floor drain. These events could include some gurgling, a little bit of visible sewage on the floor, or just a foul odor coming from the drain. These are all warning signs to call in your trusted plumber to remove the small issue before it grows into something worse. When the partial blockage turns to a full clog, you will see a massive amount of sewage and dirty water flooding your basement.
  2. Sewer Line Damage- If your home\’s sewer line becomes damaged from old age, deterioration, or even aggressive tree roots, you will also notice a backup of sewage in your basement. The tree roots might have partially crushed the pipe, resulting in a decreased capacity. Or the cracks allowed dirt and tree roots to invade the line, and now you have pipe damage and a clog brewing. But the end result is going to be a mess in your basement.
  3. Heavy Rain And Flooding: Sometimes, the issue is not with your sewer line. Instead, the problem lies in the city sewer main. Heavy rains and flooding can exceed the capacity of even the massive city sewer lines. And when this occurs, your sewer line suffers as well. One of the only ways to check this theory is to consult with neighbors to see if they are dealing with the same issues during a particular storm.

The Only Guaranteed Answer

The only way to know for sure what is occurring deep in your sewer lines is a call to (912) 236-3333. The licensed plumbers at Thompson and Thompson will arrive at your home ready to deploy a tiny camera to get to the bottom of the problem. This tiny waterproof tool is inserted into your sewer line to provide crystal clear images of the inside of the sewer pipe and any obstructions.

Once our team has examined your home\’s sewer line, we will provide you with a free, no-obligation price quote for any necessary repairs. A single clog solution could be as simple and inexpensive as a professional drain and sewer line cleaning. Or we might need to replace a small section of the damaged sewer pipe. But regardless of the issue, we pledge to always provide you with as many cost-effective repair or replacement options as possible.

When you see sewage backing up into your basement, it is easy to panic. But what you need to remember is that the best course of action is a fast call to the professionals at Thompson and Thompson. Our pros have years of experience eliminating sewer line clogs, damage, and other issues that are threatening to flood and contaminate your home. Call (912) 236-3333, 24/7, and rest assured that help is on the way.

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