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Very Common Reasons Your Home Has Low Water Pressure

Few things are more frustrating than standing in the shower trying to make do with low water pressure. The shampoo never seems to rinse out of your hair, and the soapy lather appears to cling to your entire body. As you stand there trying to rinse off, you wonder what could be causing this annoying issue. And you might be surprised at the answers coming from our licensed plumbers.

There Is A Leak

If the water pressure in your entire home has declined, then there could be a leak in the main supply line running to your home. In most cases, this line runs underground from the city water main to your home. A significant leak is likely to create some moisture in your yard that will be noticeable. If the leak is in the lawn, you could also see an area where the grass is greener, lusher, or growing more vigorously.

If the drop in water pressure is isolated to one part of your home, the leak is somewhere inside your home and requires immediate attention. All of the water is going somewhere in your home and creating water damage and promoting mold growth. Call a licensed plumber for immediate leak detection.

Corroded Water Lines

Water pipes don’t last forever, and when they begin to break down, you will notice flecks of metal in your water. That is also a good indication of corrosion and possibly mineral build-up inside your water lines, limiting their capacity and water pressure. A plumbing inspection is the best way to determine if your water lines are reaching the end of their life and should be replaced.

A Pressure Regulator Failure

If your home had excessive water pressure at one time, you could have installed a pressure regulator valve to reduce the pressure and prevent damage to your household plumbing. However, as does everything, that pressure regulator could be wearing out, causing your water pressure woes. A visit from your licensed plumber is the best way to determine if that value is functioning correctly and locate the cause of your low water pressure.

A Water Heater Issue

If low water pressure only occurs when using hot water or on a single handle fixture like your shower, the problem could be located at your water heater. It is not uncommon for scale and mineral build-up to begin to block the hot water supply line running from your water heater. This problem is less likely to be an issue if you have been regularly draining and flushing the tank. But it is a possibility to be investigated if only your hot water is experiencing low pressure issues.

Low City Water Pressure

If the pressure has always been on the low side, and your neighbors are having the same difficulty, then the city could be to blame for your home’s lackluster water pressure. The city water mains can suffer the same issues as the water lines in a home or commercial building, including corrosion, clogs, and leaks. Give your water provider a call and see if there have been other complaints about low water pressure and, if so, what they are doing to correct the problem.

Don’t let a lack of water pressure ruin your ability to relax and enjoy a pleasant shower or cause you to wait forever to fill your bathtub or even a pot for cooking. Instead, call (912) 236-3333 to speak to the licensed professionals at Thompson and Thompson. Our team of experts will quickly locate the issue limiting your home’s water pressure and provide you with as many cost-effective solutions as possible.

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