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Plumbing Tips – Fact Or Fiction?

Homeowners across are concerned every time they hear or read a new plumbing tip. The problem is that you never know if you are getting a handy tip or some old myth that could actually destroy your home’s plumbing system. The first thing to consider is the source of the information. In this case, you know you can trust the secrets we are revealing today because the team at Thompson and Thompson has been helping the community solve their plumbing problems for over XX years. Next, decide if the tip even applies to a problem that you have. If you already have the perfect way to eliminate a smelly sink, then why switch? Now, let’s take a look at what could be some old wives tales or the most significant life hack you ever discovered.

Bleach Tablets Eliminate The Need To Scrub Your Toilet

No one ever claimed to enjoy cleaning the toilets in their home. But if you especially hate the task, you might have been tempted by the claim that bleach tablets eliminate the chore of scrubbing toilets. Well, it is partially true. The bleach will help to reduce the bacteria that cause the nasty odor around a toilet bowl. And it can also help reduce stains in the bowl.

But what they are not telling you is that too much bleach will destroy the surface of the toilet bowl. As a result, the once smooth and shiny interior will become more porous and rough. And as that happens, the staining and human waste will stick and make a huge mess. So bleach will work for a bit, but it will damage the inside of the toilet bowl and make cleaning it even worse in the future.

Lemons Eliminate Kitchen Sink Odors

If you want your sink to be lemony fresh, a slice or two of lemon in the disposal is a great idea. The acid will kill some of the germs, and the fragrance will cover many foul odors. But it does little to clean the inside of the garbage disposal. So instead, place a few cups of ice cubes in the disposal. Turn it on to let the ice clean the debris from the grinder assembly.

Then you can flush with hot water and grind up a piece of lemon to get that fresh fruity aroma. For even more cleaning power, pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of vinegar. Let the mixture bubble and clean for about ten minutes before flushing with hot water to remove all the debris scrubbed loose by the bubbling action. Then you can use a piece of lemon if you are not fond of the vinegar aroma.

Flushable Wipes Are Flushable

If you believe that, then you will also agree that a sock is flushable. Yes, a moist wipe will fit down the toilet drain. But it will not disintegrate like a piece of toilet paper. Used regularly, flushable wipes are sure to create a clog in your home’s drain lines. They increase in size as they absorb more water and have difficulty moving through all the twists and turns in your drain and sewer lines. Used very sparingly, you might be ok. But it is better to follow the old plumbers rule that only two things belong in a toilet, human waste, and toilet paper.

If you have questions about plumbing tips you have heard, call (912) 236-3333. The licensed plumbers at Thompson and Thompson will provide genuinely helpful information. And if you have an issue that is beyond a DIY fix, we offer 24/7 emergency service.

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