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4 Ways Leak Detection Works as Preventative Maintenance

Whether it’s your home or your business or both, preventative maintenance represents an incredibly important part of keeping your Savannah, GA plumbing systems in good shape. More than that, leak detection as a preventative maintenance:

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Mitigates damage and hazards
  • Prevents excessive wear and tear

Here is a look at many of the ways leak detection works as an excellent form of preventative maintenance for your plumbing systems.

1. Leak Detection Prevents Damage to Home and Properties

A leak, over time, can severely damage a home or other property. Even a tiny leak can create huge problems if it’s not discovered and repaired as soon as possible. Water damage isn’t just an eyesore. That moisture can erode walls, ceilings, floors, and practically anything else.

With the high humidity in Savannah, it can be easy to miss a leak. However, all it takes is a little time before the damage sets in. Structural damage can come in the form of rotted wood, warped framing, and foundation problems.

Another form of potential damage from a leak can come from that leak reaching your electrical wiring. This scenario presents a dangerous fire hazard and needs remediation immediately. Using professional leak detection services to find a leak before issues escalate can prevent most of these costly problems.

2. Leak Detection Prevents Rising Water Costs

Leaks will often cause water bills to increase, either gradually or in a sudden spike. In fact, it’s these very bill increases that often help property owners realize they have a plumbing leak somewhere. When the bill increases gradually, you can miss this possibility. Leak detection services can help prevent leaks from increasing your water bill. In addition, leak detection services can also find the leak and fix it so you can return to more predictable billing.

3. Leak Detection Prevents Potential Health Issues

Where water leaks, mold and mildew will grow. Mold can create allergens, irritants, and sometimes they can even produce toxic substances. People and pets near hidden mold and mildew can experience allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and irritation of their skin and other body parts. This is all in addition to the damage mold and mildew can do to a structure.

4. Leak Detection Prevents Lengthy and Expensive Repairs

A hidden leak can create ridiculously expensive problems over time. The longer the leak remains, the larger the potential problem will become. As the scale of the problem increases, so does the amount of time and money required to fix it. In some cases, a plumbing problem can require a contractor to excavate chunks of your property and take days or weeks to do the required work involved with fixing your issue.

For these and many more reasons, you should consider leak detection services as part of preventative maintenance. If you see evidence of a leak or suspect you have one, contact TNT Drains today.

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