6 Things Everyone Should Know About Plumbing

Close-up Of Male Plumber Fixing White Sink Pipe With Adjustable Wrench

Maintaining functional plumbing in a home or company is crucial for the smooth operation of a home or business. The plumbing system supplies and removes water from a building via a network of pipes, fittings, valves, and fixtures. Providing clean water, waste disposal, and upkeep of sanitary conditions all relies on plumbing systems. If you […]

Top 3 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Indoor Plumbing

Plumber Using Wrench Under Kitchen Sink

The last thing you want to hear while seated comfortably in your house is the “drip” sound. It indicates that there might be a leak somewhere inside your home. This is never good because you might find yourself spending hundreds of dollars on repairs and fixes. Fortunately, you can avoid a situation like this by […]

The Effects of Hard Water on Your Health and Home

Old Bathroom Sink Faucet contaminated with calcium and grime. Hard water flows from an old tap aerator.

Savannah, Georgia relies on the Savannah River and the Floridan Aquifer for clean water. As water flows through the ground and tributaries to these waterways, it picks up minerals like magnesium and calcium. The more mineral ions that travel in the water, the harder it will be. Hard water is safe to drink, but over […]

Are Your Clogged Drains Costing You Money?

If you frequently have clogging issues with your drains, it could be costing you extra money every month. From calling the plumber to buying chemicals at the home improvement store, the costs begin to add up. Here, we will go over the common causes of clogged drains and what you can do to prevent clogs […]

The Perks Of A Tankless Water Heater

If you are shopping for a new water heater for your Savannah home or looking for a way to save energy and money, a tankless water heater could be just what you need. While many think this innovative water heater is a new product, they have been on the market for decades. And their track […]

Helpful Tips To Reduce Drain Clogs

Every home in Savannah deals with a drain clog from time to time. And while it might not appear to be a big deal, any clog has the potential to flood your home with dirty water. And some could result in raw sewage contaminating your house. So taking these issues more seriously and working to […]

Why Are My Drains Always Getting Clogged?

Drain clogs are the number one reason that most Savannah residents call a plumber. But, unfortunately, they almost always wait until the drain line is completely blocked and threatening to flood their home with filthy water or even raw sewage. And as soon as the lines are cleared, thanks to a professional drain cleaning and […]

Why Am I Waiting Forever For Hot Water?

We all appreciate that water is a valuable limited natural resource that we should all work to conserve. But how can you help but waste water when you are constantly forced to wait for the shower water to become at least somewhat warm? You stand there impatiently wondering if there is something wrong with your […]

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Camera Drain And Sewer Line Inspections

As a homeowner, you know that technology has changed almost every aspect of service for your house. And that is also true of many of the essential services offered by your favorite licensed plumber. But one of the services that many customers are not aware of is the camera inspection. And while it might sound […]

Some Important Information For A Constantly Clogging Toilet

Every household will experience a clogged toilet from time to time. However, if you find that you are fetching the plunger every few days or even every other week, there is a problem that will only get worse with time. Clogged toilets can indicate that you flushed something that should not have made it to […]

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